Tourism Certificate :


The Academy offers a Tourism Certificate which enables the Student proper education, practical skills and behavioral proficiencies that will develop him both professionally and personally, preparing him for Career opportunities after graduation.



















Course details :
  • Air freight

  • Airport services ï؟½ Travelers

  • Customer Services

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Tickets and Reservations

  • Tour Guide

  • Tour Developer

  • Booking Flight Officer

  • Tourist Information Centre Officer

  • Tourism and Travel Accountant



Qualification :

 Tourism Certificate

Location :

 Saudi International Academy for Tourism and Hospitality, Mersal Village, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

 The Duration of the Program :

        ï؟½         Tourism Certificate ï؟½ 1 year

 Starting date :

 Month of Shawwal or Rabia Awal

Requirements :

ï؟½         General Certificate of Secondary Education

ï؟½         English language ï؟½ Examination Level

ï؟½         Aptitude test

ï؟½         Personal interview

Future Career opportunities :

        ï؟½         Travel Agent

        ï؟½         Customer Relation Officer

        ï؟½         Sales and Marketing Officer

        ï؟½         Tour Guide

        ï؟½         Tour Operator

        ï؟½         Accountant ï؟½ Travel Agency