Programs of hotels and restaurants :


The Academy offers preparatory courses and training programs in the hospitality services that enable the Student to acquire the hospitality skills certificate and competency certificate. He would, therefore develop practical skills and behavioral abilities, both professionally and personally and thus preparing him to follow a career after graduation. 
















Program Details :

Qualification :

Hospitality Skills Certificate

Hospitality Competency Certificate


 Saudi International Academy for Tourism and Hospitality, Mersal Village, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


The Duration of the Program :

        ï؟½         Hospitality Skills Certificate ï؟½ 6 months

        ï؟½         Hospitality Competency Certificate ï؟½ 6 months


Starting date :

Month of Shawwal or Rabia Awal

Requirements :

ï؟½         Junior Middle School Education and above

ï؟½         English language ï؟½ Examination Level

ï؟½         Aptitude test

ï؟½         Personal interview


Future Career opportunities :

        ï؟½         Restaurant Management

        ï؟½         Waiter

        ï؟½         Receptionist

        ï؟½         Chef

        ï؟½         Customer Services

        ï؟½         Hotel Management