Hotel management Diploma :


When following the evolution in the Hotel Industry, you feel the challenges that you experience to be an important part in the Hospitality Industry and thus get available career opportunities that will suit each individual. You need a functional Education and Training program that will qualify you for the appropriate career. The High Training Institute of the Saudi International Academy for Tourism and Hospitality offers such education.





























Program Details :

Qualification :

The Diploma in hotel management specializes in one of the following :

ï؟½        Hotel accommodation

ï؟½        Food and drink services

ï؟½        Cookery


 Saudi International Academy for Tourism and Hospitality, Mersal Village, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


The Duration of the Program :

Two years

Starting date :

Month of Shawwal or Rabia Awa

Requirements :

ï؟½         General certificate of Secondary education

ï؟½         English language ï؟½ Examination Level

ï؟½         Aptitude test

ï؟½         Personal interview




Future Career opportunities :

        ï؟½         Restaurants

        ï؟½         Marketing

        ï؟½         Sales

        ï؟½         Kitchen

        ï؟½         Customer Care

        ï؟½         Hotel Reception

        ï؟½         Hotel Accommodation

        ï؟½         Human Recourses

        ï؟½         Housekeeping