We aim to contribute to the evolution and development of the emerging sectors of entertainment and tourism in Saudi Arabia. Our ambition is translated through a solid partnership with professional workers in these sectors, by qualifying them and training them for better performance, consequently the Academy strives to equip the Saudi youth with the proper  skills to enhance their competitiveness and capabilities.



Our mission is to lay the foundations for modules of training and development that cater for the growing needs of the business entities through empowering the professionals with the required skills and capabilities that will enable them to join the immediate working force efficiently and effectively. Our modules originate from a good understanding of the needs of the entertainment and tourism sectors through the provision of world class academic education coupled with the latest onsite training opportunities. Simply, we aim to provide the business sectors with suitable and proper Saudi expertise.



  • To achieve Saudi Arabian Government goals and standards set by the General organization for Tourism and Antiquities.

  • To create Training Modules with world class recognition.

  •  To ensure a genuine partnership with the business entities in the fields of training.

  • To ensure the quality of training and provision of quality expertise, covering the various fields.

  • To prepare the Trainee for the real work challenges through real time experience and training on the job schemes.

  • To assure proper trainee delivery of job tasks through behavioral induction and communication skills.

  • To ensure the ability for students to obtain access to higher education institutions, universities or international academy centers in order to achieve degrees and therefore opening a wider perspective for the careers they choose.


Training Environment                   

 The vocational training environment of the Academy is distinguished by availing competent and qualified trainers with international experience. Moreover, Practical Training Facilities are equipped with the latest equipment and tools that enable to simulate the real working environment. In addition to this, the student undergo practical training at on the job sites in order to expose the student to the real world conditions, while keeping the highest standards when dealing with real customers. Briefly, our training is based on international standards accredited by Technical and Vocational Training Centre (TVTC)


English Language

 The Academy has adopted English as medium of instruction for the Diploma Programs.  The English language is accredited as the essential and educational language to be used to deliver all courses. The program adapts the TOEFL and TOEIC standards in order to permit for Students to the pursuit of Higher Education.

The French language is presented as a secondary language which allows Students the knowledge of basic business terms in order to understand and communicate in the industry.


Career Ethics


Once graduated, the Student would have the following options:

  • Joining the Industry immediately - the Academy would play an active role in seeking and identifying job opportunities.

  • Establishing his own business opportunity in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

  • Pursuing higher levels of education at College and University level.

In order to enhance the performance of Students the focus is on the development of multiple skills such as teamwork, professionalism, conduct, loyalty and commitment, respect and cooperation.